Shopping Haul: Shoes

As promised, here is what I recently bought last month~ A woman's second bestfiend.

Pink  heart Heels
korean shoes 
bought this shoes for only P300.00

I already tried wearing this, and it is very comfy. It's one of my favorite shoes now XD

Pink Ribbon Lace Sandals
Bought this for only P100.00 at thrift shop~
it looks very new and it still has a tag price on the sole xD

ribbon is my weakness :))) 
I still haven't tried wearing this one. I hope sooon.

Hot Pink Heels
Bought this for only P150.00 at Ayala Mrt Station~ :)

Pink shoes again :))))

Jelly Doll Shoes
Bought this for only P150.00 at Ayala Mrt Station

good for rainy season :)
I'm quite using this a lotttt. It's very comfy and pairs up with everything i wear

Dr. Martens inspired boots 
Bought this for P250.00 at thrift shop

 Yellow brown boots
bought this for only P150.00 at thrift shop

One of my favorite shoes too! :D

My love for shoes will never fade! Hahaha. More more shoes to come. hohoho. 
Hope you guys like it!


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