Outfit: Bubble Party

Hooray for outfit post. hehehehe and sorry for the lame title. orz

Starting from this day, I will be posting my daily outfit to compile my diary outfit, so i'll try my very very best to update my blog and to take a picture of my outfits Lol XD~

I really get inspired with Tricia Gosingtian, BoBo Stephanie, Crissey, Trisha Denise Perez and to the other fashion blogger out there. I really like they're taste for fashion. I love seeing them with poise with such simple outfits *glomps*

Since I cannot afford some branded clothes, shoes and accessories I always take in mind that being fashionable doesn't have to be expensive. It's how you wear them and present it beautifully. :)

Comfy outfit! :3 Good for mall strolling XD

What I wore:
- thrifted high-waist short
- thrifted Sando with flower necklace
- thrifted cap xD
- bag brought from divi
That's it for now!
Till my next post~

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