Shopping Haul: Makeup + swatches

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Back on the topic, this is the last part topic of my shopping haul~ if you want to read my recent post about my shopping haul just click the links below~ :3

Most of the lipsticks i got were only given to me, while the eyeliners, blush-on are bought from a shop in Pasig City.

They were all cheap and not branded. I bought them because I got curios XD wondering if it is a good makeup product. *.* My skin is not allergic on any cosmetics so why not try them. The second reason why I bought them is for cosplay purpose.

Here it is~

white, red, green, violet

swatches of the eyeliner~ the red, violet and green costs P20.00 each, while the white eyeliner cost P45.00

Wet n Wild Lipsticks
510A, 521A, 509A

Swatches of Wet n Wild lipsticks
521A, 510A, 509A

without flash

with flash

My favorite among them is the 509A. I really love wearing red shades of lipsticks. As you all know I love collecting lipsticks with different shades, though most of my lipsticks were mostly red XD

MILANI - 05 Fuchsia Freeze

I really like the smell of Milani lipstick. It smells like rose and the color is pretty. The packaging and the body is really cute.  It also my favorite I always used it everyday Lol. The lipstick has a glitter particles on the lipstick itself, but when I try it on there no glitter which is I adore. I always go for matte lipstick because it really suits me well.

EXCEL Lipstick - 512

the excel lipstick is very thick and pigmented. That is why I adore this lipstick so much :)))
bought this for P100.00

see? It really makes my face standout even without wearing a makeup~

ADS blush on~
I only bought this blush because of the packaging. hahaha. Its really girly plus I like the flower designs. hehehhehe. Blush-on cost P50.00

There you have it! If you have questions, or want a tip just feel free to leave a comment ^.^

bye~ till my next post!

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