Shopping Haul: Fashion Accessories

Hello everyone, I'll be blogging about my shopping haul. It is the continuation of my shopping for the month of july-august~ As you all know, I am a sucker in ribbon so expect more of my haul were more of that xD. Haha can't fight this ribbon syndrome.

Some of my friends tell me that I should've had enough buying clothes, shoes and accessories with ribbon in it. But, but, but I can't stop * u * hehehehe. I think it's been a part of me, my personality. How can you stop doing what you love to do, to wear when that things can make you feel happy and be you. It iss were I'm used to be and I am proud of it!

Here are the things that i bought from Tiangge at Farmers Plaza~ All of them were very cheap and cute *.*

Choker bow ribbon
bought it for only P50.00

Choker Necklace
bought it for only P50.00  

Tiny Star necklace
bought it for only P50.00 

Cross feather Necklace 
bought it for only P50.00

I'm hooked with these ullzang headbands so I bought 3 pairs of it xD
It's really trendy nowadays *.*
Bought it for P20.00

Bought it for P20.00 

Ribbon is LOVE
bought this for P25.00

Blue Glitter headband
Bought it for P10.00

Hello kitty Glasses with cow printed
Bought it for only P50.00 at Cindy Carole (Alimall)

Stones Headband
Bought it for Bought it for P25.00

Red and Pink ring ribbon
Bought it for P10.00 each

I told you most of them were ribbon. Gotta love love ribbons forever. hehehehe. Here goes my obsession Lol!

I'll end my post here~
till next time!

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