Outfit Post: Day 1 in Baguio

I just wanna share my first outfit I wear during my vacation in Baguio. Because of the climate in Baguio I can usually wear what I don't usually wear in Manila XDD Trench coat and boots is just love <3 ..

If you would look closely I am wearing a wig. hehehehhe. My hair is to messy that day so I just decided to wear a wig. Lol. It's really fun to dress-up in a cold climate because you can actually mix up your desired clothes without getting worried about getting hot.

What I wear:
Longsleeve gray dress: Thrifted
Trench Coat: Gift
Skort (short+skirt): Thrifted
Knee-high stockings: Thrifted
Boots: Thrifted
Bonnet: Tiangge
Ombre scarf: Gift

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