A trip to Baguio..

Hello everyone! As promise, here's a new entry for my blog post.

 I spend my Christmas in Baguio together with my family, tito, tita, cousins and my tummy. It's been a long time since we last celebrated our christmas together because my Tita ( sister of my dad)  and my cousins were living in states. I'm so happy to be able to celebrate the special day with them,

I'll just tell the story through the pictures because I can't properly explain it. XD

 We arrived at baguio around 8am? I can't remember anymore. XDD
 Without any good rest and sleep, on the day we arrived at Baguio we prepared a little Ramos clan reunion.
 Our grandmother who also lives in the US.
 Siblings and step mom.
 My cute little cousins in baguio :)
 Family picture! :3 Sadly my mom wasn't able to come with us in Baguio.
 Mejia Family. Kc, Tita Jenny, Mhavie and Kuya PJ!

 Meet my relatives from the US~ Tita Jo and Tito Leo and their kids Julian, Marian and Adrian.

 Family picture~ My dad is in the middle.

 Ramos Clan :)))) though were still not complete..

 I prepared some games like hep hep hooray, pinoy henyo and gangname dance..

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