My little things~

Yo! yo! yo! It's been a while eh? I'm back from being hiatus. Lol >.< Stress and depress overcome my mind and body because my little sister lost my PSP and my super beloved canon Camera. huhuhuhu :(. One of the reasons why I've been on hiatus because you know I can't write a blog without documenting or taking pictures of what I am gonna share.

Anyways, good thing there's always a lifesaver whenever a problems occurs. I was able to borrow my bf's dslr camera. hihi :3 I have so lot to share with you guys starting with the month of December so expect a blog entry everyday! :3

For now, I am going to share with you what I bought for the month of December. As you all know December is my favorite month. :)

I bought the accessory tool box from Saizen~ So this is currently my addiction. RINGSSSS. hehehehhehehe.

Ring is love.

Scissors connector ring. Bought this at Tiangge for only P40.00

Wing connector ring. Bought this at Tiangge for only P40.00

studs connector ring. Bought this at Tiangge for only P35.00

Blue ribbon. bought this at Girl shoppe together with 2 rings below for only 3 for P100.00

white stone ring.

flower stone ring.
female bone earrings. Bought at tiangge for only P25.00

Fashion 21 Dipliner

Nichido white liner
Ever Bilena blush on: Shade: Amethyst

Glitter Eyeshadow. bought at Saizen.

Skull thighs

So I think that's it. Will end my post here! bye~ :3

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