Neon Genesis Evangelion

Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Characters: Rei Ayanami

                     Asuka Langley

One of my dream cosplay character came true. Rei is always been my favorite aside from Asuka.

 I need a lot of improvements from the costume though. The ribbon from the blouse is too small. I lost mine so i ask my friend if she have a extra ribbon. The shoes I used is also wrong too. It should be a snickers. The wig is also wrong. The shade color ans style of the bangs. I only borrowed the wig from friend cause my wig for rei got rented on the day. Anyhoo. This only a trial cos + shoot. We will totally improve.

Also, we will be having a photoshoot of  NGE sooon when we complete all the cast :D

Hope you guys like it :)

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