Tech tutor 3

 What: Tech tutor 3
When: Oct. 4, 2011 / 2:00-5:00pm
Where: SM Megatrade Hall 1, SM Megamall Bldg. B
I. Jerry Liao – Educator / Business Technology Specialist
II. Ruben "BenC" Canlas, Jr. – Management and IT Consultant

- Open Education Resources
- Mobile Environments in Learning
- Teacher Education Policy and Teacher Education Practice
- Security Threat Update - The Newest Threats and How to Protect Against Them
- The Current State of the Net
- Unlocking Learning and Literacy
- Social networks become learning communities
- ICT - practical teaching and learning strategies
- Bringing a Global Perspective to Classrooms
- Tech Tools and Innovations and many more...

The seminar showcase the latest hardware, software, and technology-aided teaching skills to further enhance the quality of education in the country.

Tech tutor 3 supposed to be on sept 27, 2011 but due to bagyong Pedring, it was move on oct.4. We arrived there at 2pm together with my classmates donna, shei, khel, karl and wilbert. We're kinda late but because of the mrt T.T as usual too many people in train we're like sardines haha. ohwell atleast we arrive safe on the venue. Good thing the seminar wasn't started yet. And there we me met some of our classmates.

Some schools were there too in the seminar like UE, OLFU, AMA, MCU and uhhh i forgot the other schools hahaha. shame. So expect big amount of people in the seminar.

After the seminar, me and karl ate at shabu-shabu after i ate at shabu-shabu i saw thumbs-up so i came rushing to the store and bought an icecream. yummmy :)) Then we headed to grocery store to buy some snacks before going home. xDD thanks karl for the treat :p

here are some of the pictures i took during seminar. enjoy! I only took a few shots because my cam is about to die. Lol lobat. i forgot to check the battery before leaving.. soo me .

orange shirt is orange . LOL

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