Review: Super Nudy Blue

This lens is one of my favorite *.* i bought it last december 2010 at Markeisha's Shop. Yeah its about to expire o.o so i can't use the lens anymore *sigh* i'm gonna miss this one T.T here's a review..

  • Geo Lens: Super Nudy Blue

  • Diameter 14.7mm
  • Water content 38%
  • Base curve 8.6
  • 1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
  • Packaged in sterile buffered saline


comfort: I don't have problem wearing it for a day ;> it doesn't irritate my eyes unlike the other lens *.*

 i really love the color and the design. It really enlarge my eyes/iris. 

overall: i rate this lens 5/5 :> 
This lens really gives you a dolly eyes <3. i guess this lens is great with or without makeup. WIth flash or without flash u can really see the color/design. so i recommend this lens <3

Ofcourse the pic i use was old. Lol. you can check the album here: Alyza's 18th Bday
Reason: Because i'm not using it anymore :o the lens is already expired. xDD i just want to do a review of it. hehe. maybe i will buy again another nudy lens. ;))



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