Mini haul for October + Review: Avon Makeups + Outfits

Hello everyone! ^^.. i'm back again. heee <3 sorry if i took too long to update my blogger. Been very busy at school. *.* plus its finals week and i'm here in front of the laptop doing nonsense haha. joke. Anyways, i wanna share you guys some clothes and hair accessories that i bought ;)

pink denim skirt

green loose top. bought this for only P100.00 at farmers plaza, cubao
black balloon short. bought this for only P150.00 at farmers plaza, cubao
lace floral top. bought this for only P150.00 at farmers plaza cubao
 when worn: 

outfit:  lace floral top+balloon short
shoes: B-club

outfit:  lace floral top+leggins
shoes: B-club
ribbbbbbbbonsss <3 yes im addicted to ribbons. hee <3
still collecting *.*

cheap price aiyt? ^.^ for me, i'll always go for the cheap price and good quality of clothes. I like buying clothes mostly in divisoria, tiangge, and sometimes in ukay. Yeap, you read it right ^^.. I like buying in ukay because there's a lot of unique clothes out there. hoho. But hey always remember when ur going to buy a clothes in ukay-ukay make sure you wash it first before wearing it ^^..


outfit: top+shorts
shoes: Janeo
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eye makeup <3

 AVON smooth mineral Eyeshadow
color: midnight mauve
product description
: Contains pure mineral pigments...and enriched with vitamins. Free of talc, oil and fragrance. Great for all skin types, even sensitive. Ultra-blendable, buildable color. Use one or layer. Improved sifter design for less-mess application.

Review:  I'm not a really fan of avon, since i have these stuffs, why don't i give it a try. ;)
The mineral eyeshadow looks great and goes on easily. i have no problem wearing it. The size is just right and it blends well. It's very subtle and sheer but allows building for deeper color. I like the packaging and the container. very cute :)
 This eyeshadow is perfect for smooky eyes effect. (my opinion only XD)

AVON heavenly soft eyeshadow trio
product description: Three shimmery eyeshadows that mix and match for endless possibilities. This soft powder formula glides on effortlessly, leaving your lids with an ethereal glow for hours.
to use: Apply to eyelids and blend well.
for smoky effect: lightest shade to lash line to brow. midtone in crease. deepest shade on lid and along of bottom of lash line.

Review: I really like the colors. its really shimmery *,* which is why i like XD coz' i'm a fan of shimmery eyeshadows. hehe. The eyeshadow is really good but not easy to apply. I need to reapply it to make it darker. The shades blend perfectly to create a custom look.

Avon COLORTREND multistick eye
color: Berry blissful | bale divine

product descriptionJust like a push-pop, but for eyes ! Three creamy, bright, fruity shades in one stackable tube.

Review: I really like it though it is quite sticky, but still good quality product. I only use the lighter shade as a base, and reapply it on my brow, it turns out okay.  The shadow is not long lasting because it is easily to fade .Can be use for ve everyday look. ^^

That's it~ enjoy reading <3

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-ishi. ;)

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