Updates + Shopping Haul: October

Wow it's already 5am and i'm still awake o.o".. i can't sleep so i just decided to write a new blog entry :"). Well it's been almost 2-3weeks since my last post. So today i'll be sharing you guys what i bought for the end of october :"> *shopping therapy* XD i love shopping, shopping makes me happy. LOL 

so here it is :)

leg warmer <3 so cute.
bought this at saizen

eyelash glue + lower lashes
bought this at saizen for only P85.00, very cheap eh?
i already use the eyelash and damn it hurts my eyes. srsly. >.< i don't recommend that product.

bought this at oumie berry's online shoppe

Avon dual Stick <3
i ordered this to Tita Gellet
avon simple pretty pressed powder

hortaleza hair coloring cream - copper light blonde :)

120 PALETTE <3
omg omg. finally ur in my hands now xDD
bought this at oumie berry's online shoppe

my new babies :))))))))) <3 <3 <3
ughhhh *dies from happiness*.
bought this at sm department store

haha so yeah that's all the stuff i bought. hahaha. so expect me for being broke. hahahah. kidding. i wanna buy shoes again :(( can't wait for Xmas . hahahaha

before ending my blog entry i just wanna share you guys my grade. hahaha dont expect higher grades o.o im just an average girl XDDD i'm always late at school, i always missed quizzes and such. hahaha lazy ass. but thank god i dont have (drop/failed/whateverucalled them) subjects. xDD

so i'm gonna post it now...



LAGGGGG, ahaha just kidding

that's it for now ;)

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