Halloween Party @ EGG

What: Halloween Party at Entertainment Gateway Group
When: October 31, 2012
Where: Makati, Philippines

It's the time of the month again were people dressed up as a zombie, celebrity and whatknot! Halloween was one of my favorite event because I get to enjoy this event dressing up with some of my closest friends and officemates.

Our office held a Halloween event and everyone was excited. Me? I was super excited and was looking forward on what will I wear! butttt booooo, no time for preparing some kick-ass costume so fail. My team has so many ideas and ended up on nothing to wear! How cool is that? haha. In the end, they're only 3 persons who came on costume. That was me, my friend/officemate Van and Rose. We are like "Grabe kayo ang daya niyo kami lang nakaganito :<" hahahaha. but it was OK. We had fun anyway.

I went as Moka Akashiya of Rosario+ Vampire, my favorite character btw. And to make the story short, I won as the best halloween Costume! Sooo happy hihi.

Very creepy right? haha

I brought my mom and my little bro at the Halloween party. My little brother surely enjoyed himself at the event because he got LOTS of candies... 

to be continued

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