Contact Lens Haul

Hooray for my new contact lens hihi. I bought them at Dull to Doll they had this crazy sale promo. The lens I bought was only P200.00 for 3 lens. Yes you read it right. :D The reason behind this was because the lens will expire on September. Though its okay for me because I can use it for Cosplay shoots I've been preparing for a long time.

Anyway, if you want to buy contact lens, beauty products and whatnot just check Dull to Doll they were trusted since 2008 and the owner is super kind and pretty :D

Anyhoo, let the pictures do the talking hihi :3

Me wearing geo animation CP-A2 blue

Me wearing Geo animation SF-19 pink

I still don't have a picture wearing geo CP-A5. Will also make a review with these lovely lenses very very soon hihi :3


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