One night only~

It's already 4:28am and i can't sleep... so i just decided to write a new blog XD.. anyhoo~ today's blog was all about Shelanie's debut ^.^ Had a great experienced celebrating Shel's debut~ it was held at Glass Garden. The place is awesome as well as the motif. It's like you were in Hollywood. :D The party start's by 8pm? i guess, supposedly was 6pm. so yeah. Filipino time. haha. We arrive there by 6:30pm, and we thought we're late but heck, there's only 10 guests arrived on time!. And the rest is history~ haha. we went home by 1:30am  *.*

the theme is Oscar's Awards ^.^
 my makeup~
i just keep it simple.

without false eyelashes

tadaaa! with falsiesss ehehehe.
i accidentally removed my falsies when i scratched my eyes xDD -_-" so i just removed it because i left the glue at home o.o"

my outfit ^.^

yesss. i have two outfits!~ one is for the party, ofcourse, and the other one is for going home. haha.
curled the 2 front layers of my hair, clip the side hair on the back, then i just put the headband XD

at the taxi~ kim, ishi, errol


the debutant :)


paula && alex ^^.. i just met them at the party :)
aren't they beautiful? *.*

rex, errol and kim :))

that's it for now~
till my next post! :)

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