Christmas Eve 2011

Hello guys! How was your Christmas with your loved ones? heee, mine was great, celebrated my xmas with my family and loved ones~ ^.^ Even though my mom didn't with us during christmas, still happy because before xmas, my mom brought us some gifts and we like it so much. :)) During xmas, we prepared some spaghetti, pancit, ceasar salad, fruit salad and a lot lot more ^^ uhmmm yummy~ that's why december is my favorite month  coz' of non-stop eating, gift giving and more bondingsssss with some relatives.

Here are some of our pictures during xmas eve..

yummmmm! *.* 
hahaha. yezzzz i wazzz tasting all the food! that's my job xD
bad cousin macky! 

dad and big brother

my ninang jenny,(ehemm)cuz pj, and dad!


lil bro axl :>

i'm such a good kid XD

pray *.*

ofcourse that's me being vain. hahaha. after we ate, my lil sis jade and cuz mhavie did a small photoshoot kuno. haha. bonding time. ofcourse!~

photograph by yours truly~ hehehe
andd yess. that's what i wore during xmas.

that's all for now :)
till my next post!~


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