December 26-27, 2011

Just wanna update my blog. So anyways, for today's blog post is about the happenings on last December 26th and 27th of 2011.

December 26. 2011
We went to Pasig to visit some of our relatives there~ I was with my mom, brother, lil sis and lil brother. Dad wasn't able to come with us because he is in the office that moment. And so we just take a cab. >.> It's kinda hard to ride a cab that time because some of the taxi didn't want to take us to our destination... errr i hate that kind of taxi so choooosy XD What's the use of the taxi drivers when they're choosing their desired passenger. tsss. When we arrive to our destination, ofcourse we greet each other a merry Christmas andddddd finallyyyy we eat~ i ate a lot of foodddsss that time.uhh i can still remember the taste of graham cake, leche flan and kaldereta. yummmmm.. ;)))))))) 

cutie pattotie! <3
my inaanak. :)


December 27, 2011
J.Perez Family Day
Ahuh.. every december we always celebrate Family Day in our place were there is exchange gifts for the whole family, raffle and games. Games is my favorite part aside from eating haha, i always joined the mini games because there's a prize whoever won in the games~ And coz i was feeling lucky, i won 3 prizes, haha i got the socks coin purse, which is very cute, hand sanitizer, and a pack of lemon freeze! haha

well the pictures says it all~ haha
i end my post here~
bye :>


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