Thrift Shopping Part II

Hello everyone! As promise here's the part two of my thrift shopping adventure. Lol. More more dress added to my wardrobe... Heee ;) aren't they lovely? :3

Saw this lovely skirt and without hesitation I grabbed it! Bought the skirt for P50.00 only :3

Pink dress with flower laces. Yesss.laces again haha. Bought this dress for P50.00

Bolero/vest lace. Isn't it just lovely? Got my eyes sparkled when I saw this lovely lace vest. The tag name was cute too -- SUPERSTAR. Bought it for P50.00

 Cut(n)Saw Treasure White collar dress. Hihi! Finally got a dress with a collar on it. I always saw this kind of style nowadays. I wanna share a story about this dress. Someone was already holding this dress when I saw it on Ukay and I was like "Aww sayang naman di ko agad nakita T.T" but after a few minutes ago she left it and then I rushed to this dress and grabbed it! Hihi so lucky, I guess this dress is really meant for me Lol. Bought it for P50.00

Blue floral summer lace dress. I find it cute because of it's laces. hahahha. Sorry ang adik ko lang talaga sa mga laces. XD  Bought it for P50.00

Brown leggings. This one really caught my attention :3 The hole parts were like a skin fish and it's very cute ^.^. Excited wearing this one~ Bought it for P35.00

Aaww. This one is my new favorite sweater/cardigan. I love the colors and the laces on it. ^.^ The inner design is stripes while the outside design is dotted. Bought it for P50.00

See-trough blouse. Bought it for P50.00

Love is all short-skirt. Bought it for P50.00

Beanie! Oops. I don't buy this at Ukay. Bought it somewhere in recto. Bought it for P120.00

Choker. Oooh I just love choker. Bought it for P20.00

Purple flower dress. Bought it for P50.00

White dress. Bought it for P50.00

Yellow summer dress. Bought it for P50.00

Blue short-skirt. Bought it for P30.00

Sando lace. The back is see-through. :3 cute! Bought it for P50.00

Jumpsuit ^.^ i love this one~ Bought it for P50.00

That's all folks! Hope you like it~
Till my next post! :D

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