New shoes

Hello everyone, long time no blog eh? As I mention to my last or last last post I have a lots of back logs so please bear with me. hehehe. Sorry for being such a lazy ass It's just that I've been busy with many things lately..... hmmm..

Anddd sooo, I bought these new babies at Farmers Plaza. Well Actually I was just a passerby that time when I saw these lovely shoes from NXY shop. My eyes literally sparkssss when I saw awesome shoes at a very low price! I was like OMG! Really?!! So in the end, I bought 3 pair of shoes. hahaha.

Bought this for P250.00~

Bought this for P300.00 only!

Lovin the gold pin dots

bought this for P300.00


That's the shoes I bought from NXY boutique~ It was really hard to decide on what to buy haha because I love all the shoes from the shop, it makes me want to buy all of them but but I can't cause I don't have enough money hahhahahaha. I forgot to take a pic of the shop because I was busy drooling all over the shoes. Hahaha. forgive me friends~ :)))

Okay guys, till my next post! :D

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