Special Day

Oh hello everyone! :) I just wanna share some pictures during my birthday. I wasn't really planning to celebrate it coz i know everyone is busy with their works and with such other stuff.

On the day of my birthday dad's trying to wake me in the morning and to tell me that he already bought a spaghetti for my birthday. And my replied was: "uhh okay" xD then goes back to sleep Lol. 

My step mom is the one who cook and prepares the food for my birthday. It was only a small celebration. I don't even invite some friends because I was so shy to ask them to come over because we lack in foodsss xD.

My cousin Tessa and my bestfriend Donna text me that they can't make it on my birthday, instead they will going to see me after my birthday. It's fine with me cause I know they kinda busy at work. So yeah, but when its already 7pm  someone knocked to the door, to my surprise it was my cousin and bestfriend. My cousin bought me a cake which i found so very sweet and thoughtful hehehe. Oh I just love them both. I never really expected them to pay me a visit xDD

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