Rainy days..

Rainy seasons has come again. It means there will always be a typhoons resulting to class suspensions, floods and tragic. Sometimes I'm loving the rainy seasons because the weather is so damn good. But most of the time i hate it because I'm stuck in our home, feel like getting lazy and the saddest part, hard to dry the clothes!! booo!

So today i got a chance to hangout with my brother, mhars (my bro's gf), and some friends. We had dinner at Chic-Boy which means chicken at Baboy. Then after we ate we headed to SM Cyberzone to play ps3 and xbox :3 My brother and our friends played NBA while me, mhars and ayis played Xbox Kinect game!~ Its called Dance Central. I love the game so much :))) It's my first time to play the game and i really enjoy playing it~ ^.^ 

After we played, our friends headed back home. While me, kuya marold and his girlfriend went to Starbucks to have some frapps! <3 We stayed there for almost 1 hour of chatting. Lololols.~ I don't usually hangout with my brother but it's kinda fun and i love it~ :3

My brother Marold and Emil~

Me! hehe no makeup day XD

Mhars - bro's gf

me smiling like a retard/

Ayis and Mhars playing Dance Central

I want one T.T

:)))) i don't have a picture of me playing this game. oh wait i have in my brothers cp xD

Java chip, Mocha frap, White chocolate cream?

I bought this one~ :3
"PIE BANOFFEE" yumm :3

hahahaha. this is how i end up my post!


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