Hello 2012!

2011 has been very good to me, because i passed the year without getting to an accident, a failed mark in grades, and so on..Ofcourse i am very grateful to the lord for being awesome always, for always taking care all my loved ones in life. I hope that this year 2012 would be more awesome, more blessings, and more peace and love :D

I wanna thanks to all my elementary to college friends, cosplay friends, my family, and god ofcourse ^^ Thanks for being my part of my 2011~

Anyways, here are some of our pics celebrating the year 2012!

Well it's kinda our routine in giving gifts in new year instead on the day of christmas. hehe
I'll be posting all the gifts i received in my next post~ 
so i guess i'll end my post here~

ishi :>

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