Crissia @ 18

We went to my cousin's debut awhile ago at Plaza Ibarra, Tomas Morato. hehehe. Got a chance to see some of my cousin's that i was never seen for a long time :o too bad i don't have a pic with them, was tooooo shy to approach them hahaha. As i remember, i last saw them when wer're still little kids *.* So yeahh.. ;) The birthday celebration was fun, and the fooooood was sooooo yummmyyyy *.* i wannnaaa eattt them all but my tummy was overloaded and think its gonna explode. Lols~ 

I only took a few shots because my battery is about die. LOL. >.> forgot to charge the battery before leaving OTL. So here some pics i took during the party~ *.*

Make-up by me:>

we're all vain~ hahaha
that's it for now~
till my next post!

ishi <3

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