When: Sunday, September 11, 2011
Where: Wildlife

We arrived there at 3pm together with my cousin tessa.... so yeah late. as ever. What's new? haha. Since it is a shoot for a CAUSE, we donate 1 plastic bag of old clothes ^.^. hehe so glad we can the help the needy by just donating some old clothes. After giving our donation we start the shoot. Actually they'd already start by 10am hahaha. 

Its been a year since i do photoshoots o.o" and i miss it as hell. 

My cousin Tessa do her photoshoot for the first time. At first, she was shy to pose but later on she can get over it. Glad she can pull it off. hihi. :3 

so here's an outtake shots during PALCON 3.


Photo by:

Make-up by Me. :)
I'm wearing burn green geo contact lens.
I use avon B.B cream,  fashion 21 pressed powder, Elf brightening eyeliner(black), aido brown eyeliner for my brows, red lipstick and nichido multiple stick(Blush-on). i'm more on natural makeup. hehe
I bought the shoes and dress at tutuban mall for a very cheap price ^^.. 

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Don't forget to visit their page in fb to check awesome pictures!~ :))

That's it for now~


(p.s. another thing why i create this blog:
-to practice my grammar. )

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