August-September Mini Haul

Hi guys! im back for blogging again. heee <3 been bored at home so i just decided to write a blog. So for today's topic i'll be posting what i bought at tutuban mall. You know how crazy i am about shoes. I bought 4 pairs of different shoes. Black shoes for my school, 1 doll shoes, 1 slip-on shoes, wedge shoes and one slipper socks that i bought in Kaila shop at AliMall. :)

Shoeeeeeeeesss <3

This is my favorite among the rest *.*  atuds + ragged style = AWESOME ^^
the price is very affordable. :D i only bought it for P150.00 right?

i love this one too! bought it for only p150.00. very affordable  right?  this is the last stock from the shop and i am feeling lucky then because i got the last pair of my size *.* im size 9 btw xD

I bought this  for only P100.00 at kaila shop in Alimall.
hihi very cute <3  

pink ribbon doll shoes. <3 

school shoes ^^
All the shoes i bought was very comfortable and it doesn't hurt my feet when the first time i try them on~  that's it for now~

Love lots,

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