OZINE FEST day 2 Apr.10.2010

ozine day 2 was sooo FUN and tiring. Lol. but i dont mind it at all cause i enjoyed the event so much. i have met a lot of friends today. wee. *ü*

I arrived there at 3pm as usual im late. hahaha. i only COSTRIP on that day. XD btw, my costume is inspired by DREAM OF DOLL and MISTULA. 

i was feeling lucky then, cause i have a chance to shoot with mr. Hexlord :iconhexlord: . wee. he was soo great! he is from Singapore? i guess he just came here in Philippines to attend ozine and to judge the cosplay competition? I GUESS? XD i dont know about much info about him. Lol he was popular photographer back then.
He was such a nice person :) I was shock when somebody told me he was Hexlord Lol, cause i know him from DA. i was like whoa?!! really? then i saw him. XD i was so glad to have a short photoshoot with him. :) epic :floating: and oh, we had a pic together :D wee.

Moving on, I wanna say thanks to my brother like Kyrby and to his lil bro for accompanying me in the event, same with Kenzo and 2 other Assasins from ro. Lol sorry i forgot their name .Lol. they were like my bodyguards. haha it was such a nice day together with plus it was my first time to be with them whole day :)) :headbang:

And most people thought i was wearing a wig! haha omg! cause i change my color from black to red. But i need to dyed it black again . OJT sucks. :no:

i went home at 8pm. together with kim and rex. :DD

I will be posting some pics after i get all the pictures. xD

Thanks to the following who took a pictures of me :camera:

:iconz3llll: :iconyuber19: :iconkokimonster: :iconpaulkyrby: :iconhexlord:
and more. :)

:headbang: ishi :headbang:

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