Plugging + PCC + Gift from love

Okay. im new here. my first time making a blogger account.

when i was around 12ys.old+ i really like blogging about life,lovelife, etc. As time goes by i'd almost forgot to update my blog in my friendster account. lol so oldie. So now i decided to create a new one. :)

Reasons why i create a blogger account:
  • -to blog about food, shopping(clothes,shoes,contact lens,gadgets), movies review.
-to lessen my boredom at home XD

The nendroid i was holding was a gift from my ever loving boyfriend. Lol he gave it to me right after the event (pcc). And yes i was shocked. hahaha. i never expect he would buy me one. :)) 

oh anyway. need to sleep now. its already 4:27am. haha gosh. i always sleep late. o.o insomnia...

Goodmorning and Goodnight Guys dont forget to follow me ;">

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