IshAdventure Travel - White Beach Resort, Puerto Galera 2016

I know it's a way over due but lemme show you the beauty of Puerto Galera. Everything in the island is breathtaking. No exaggeration here, but I just loveeee the white sand beach and the nice people. They're so accommodating and some of the bangkero and locals there will give you the cheapest rates for the activities such as Parasailing, island hoping and much more.

Anyways, I'll just let the photos do the talking. Hope you guys like it!

Boat ride going to White beach, Puerto Galera. Everyone's excited!!

meet my travel buddies! #cousingoals

So lucky to have my  hubby to be my travel buddy

We are now heading to the White Beach. Hooray!!


With the gang + my hubby photographer :p

Aawww, this place is so relaxing! I can stay for like ever!

Hi there, mr. Dog.

While in the beach, you can have some fun activities with your friends. Everything is budget friendly just ask the bangkero to give you the lowest rates of the activities.

chillin' with my mermaid hair

Just me at the beach being ready for some fun activities!

We are so ready!

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For our very first activity, we decided to try Parasailing. If I'm not mistaken, think parasailing cost for P2000.00 for 2pax/15minutes. It's quite expensive but it will be worth it. (It should be!) Plus, you'll get to experience to be up in the sky! 

I was soooo nervous that time! I sweeearrr! I've been a scaredy-cat eversince when it comes to heights. But of course, since I'm feeling adventurous that time, I want to conquer and face my fear! hahaha. My body won't stop shaking and I'm praying so hard that nothing bad will happen. 

We're so high in the sky! My body was stiff and I don't want to move. Been screaming my lungs outs just to ease my nervousness. 

After a few minutes, I was able to relax (finally!) and had a guts to take some selfie and videos using the sjcam, 

This is definitely the highlight of my trip! Now checking it out on my bucketlist. #moretogo

Mission Accomplished! Who's the brave girl? Me!!!

It's now their turn! Goodluck girls!

This is the funniest thing that happened in the boat. The boat driver assistant told us that we should have a picture taken together. So, of course we both agreed. When we are SO READY to smile on the camera, the driver suddenly swerve the boat so HARDDD like it's gonna flip! (just look at those faces!! hahaha)

The beauty of nature

Dinner time! The food here is very affordable and yummy!

Night life in the white beach resort of Puerto Galera

We had fun watching the performers during that night. Everything was awesome, entertaining and funny.
Souvenir shop 

going gaga shopping souvenirs for our friends and family. As I said, everything is cheap here in Puerto Galera. 

It's time to go back to the reality. We will surely miss this place and will definitely go back.

Mandatory picture with the signage hehehe

Bye bye for now! See you very soon, Puerto Galera!

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