Rosario + Vampire

Hello everyone!

I just wanna share some photos during our Photoshoot of my Moka Akashiya costume. It's been a whillleeeee since my last cosplay shoot, although this wasn't an official shoot for my Moka. This shoot is quite unplanned. My schoolmate from higschool invited me to be a model for her Finals photography plate. I can't say NO because the theme was Cosplay. :D How can I possibly say Noooo! I freaking miss doing shoots especially Cosplay :p

We were supposed to do the shoot in QC Circle/Wildlife park but we noticed that the rain is gonna pour and we started late so we just decided to the shoot outside our house! I can say that the rain was a perfect timing during our shoot. It was a great idea + experience because I haven't done a rainy + wet photoshoot. hehe. A lot of people is looking at us! I got shy of course but I have to continue what I'm doing for my friend. hehe. We all enjoyed the day and we're lovin' the outcome of the shots. Soooo here it is! Enjoy viewing. <3 p="">
Photographer: Kim Laquindanum

Coser/Makeup : Me
Character: (inner) Moka Akashiya
Anime/Manga: Rosario + Vampire

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