Mini shopping haul part II

Hello everyone! Just sharing my another thrift haul journey.

Bought all these clothes at a very cheap price! As in CHEAP!! *wink* Guess I was always in good timing whenever I went to the thrift store because it was on sale and there's still plenty of cute clothes left.

Anyway, I just wanted to make this post short, so here's the pictures of what I bought :)

Safety tip: When you are planning to buy in a thrift store, make sure that you wash the clothes before you wear it. :)

August 19, 2013.

I don't know what to call this hahaha but this reminds me of KPOP group. Lol. Bought this for only P30.00 hahahaha. It was a crazy sale when I visited the Ukay-ukay. Lucky me :D Anyways this is for my sister she ask me to buy this stuff to her :p

It feels like new. It still has a tag. haha

Denim Bolero
I also bought this for P20-30.00 

Denim Dress
This one is a cutie. I love wearing heart shape neckline dresses. Also bought it for P20-30.00 hahaha. sorry I can't remember the exact price.

Denim ruffle short.
Bought it for P50.00. Cute right? It fit's me perfectly :p

Oversize Sweater
Bought it for P25.00
This one catches my attention because the statement on the shirt reminds me of one of my favorite manga/anime Saikano.
"The last love song on this planet."

floral lacey dress.
Oooh I love this one! Bought this for only P190.00. A bit expensive I know but but I can't let this baby go. haha

I still have a lot of stock entry regarding my shopping journey. So stay tuned guys! Till my next post! bye bye!!

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