Mothberry Shop

Okay so this was an uber late post of mine haha sorry for that. I've been very busy with many things that I can't write/update my blog :sob:

Anyways, I've joined this Mothberry Shop's mini giveaway last January (yeah I know it was super late but it's better late than never Lol!) and I actually won! haha. It's my very first time to win in a giveaway.

 And that is how I won in the giveaway. :D

The packaged they sent was delayed in 2 months or so.They shipped the package last May because I think the shop got a little problem with the shipping and with something else. But it's fine with me I know they're Legit and the owner of the shop is always giving me an update :)

tadaa! vintage-ish pieces from Mothberry Shop. Thank you
Check their shop on facebook for more cool stuffs!

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